Winter Coming On

We had our first real taste of winter the past couple of days with an unexpected snow that has stayed on the ground – just enough to change the landscape.  The next couple of nights are forecast in the single digits.

Emily Rose and I finished a new livestock shed for the freemartins just in time for the snow.  It was an honor to build it on the remaining rock wall and foundation of a granary that blew down in 1997 after 80 years in service to this farm.  It was my first time to build a “real” building – I’ve done lots of stage scenery, but not this – and the freemartins seem to like it.

We’ve only another day or two of moving livestock around to their winter homes and we’ll be as prepared for the season as we’re going to be.  When I left Texas, I said that since I’d given Gulf Coast heat 30 years of my life, I would give Minnesota winter 30 years, and then reevaluate.  We’re ten winters in, and I still love it here!

About Living Song Farm

4th generation farm near Howard Lake, MN
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