Suddenly, It’s Winter

11:6:13 #3An early November snowfall covers us in white.  It’s lovely, and we didn’t need to go anywhere (except chores), so we enjoyed it for the most part.

We’re starting our breeding herd of beef cattle!  Our “Texas Highlanders”, Minnie and Socks, arrived two days ago and have been trying to settle in.  They’re duking it out with Ebb and Flow, the current resident freemartins, and every one but Flow has taken a romp outside the fence, which has made for a stressful couple of days.  But they appear to be working it out, and once the pecking order is established among them, things should settle down.

11:6:13 #1I call them “Texas Highlanders” because they are 1/4 Texas Longhorn and 3/4 Scottish Highland.  The herd they come from is thriving on grass only, and I’m hoping these two girls (they are yearling heifers, possibly already bred – we’ll know soon) will give us some pasture-loving calves.  We intend to keep breeding them to Highlanders, though it is a new experience having horns on this farm.

Titania, the border collie, is beside herself with glee in the snow, and is the family member most ready for winter.  If my garlic was mulched, I’d be ready, too; but neighbor Kevin assures me we’ll have a string of dry, warm days yet.

About Living Song Farm

4th generation farm near Howard Lake, MN
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