Summer Coming On

Everything we’d normally have planted much earlier is finally in the ground and coming up.  Donald Fagan’s song, “Walk Between the Raindrops” kept playing in my head, but the lyrics ran something like, “We plant between the raindrops ’til we get done”.

Penuche Bottle FeedingWe have 40 head of cattle – plus the two new “Texas Pinzgauer Highland” calves, Orbit and Penuche – in two herds on the pasture, which, with the excess moisture and organic amendments, is as lush as I’ve ever seen it.  Penuche was sickly at first, but is slowly recovering.  That’s him in the picture with his “other moms” (Mariénne took the picture, but she has given him most of the TLC.)

One tragic event for us this spring:  something killed about 3/4 of our pastured laying hens in broad daylight, all in a span of less than 3 hours.  I’ll spare the gory details – actually, there aren’t many since we’ve yet to find the bodies – but suffice to say that we have moved the survivors back to the Dogs & Rakehomestead.  Thanks to the goodness of Becky Bravinder (Dan & Becky’s Market), who is selling us hens and pullets, we hope to be back in the egg business again soon.  But they won’t be “pastured” eggs this summer:  we can’t take the risk of putting them back out there until the “nonpaying customers” go away.  The hens – and new rooster, King Richard – will be still outdoors all day, in a very nice run, and guarded by fences and our dogs.

About Living Song Farm

4th generation farm near Howard Lake, MN
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