Summer Solstice

It seems to be the “new normal”:  wetter, more frequent storms, more fluctuation in daily high temperatures.  My analogy is that we’re surfing a really big wave, and if we can ride it all the way to the shore (the end of the growing season), it will be great — but at any point we could wipeout.  Many of our friends and fellow farmers have had it worse than we have so far this season, with high winds, hail and way too much rain, and our hearts go out to them.

Killdeer in Potatoes

A killdeer doing it’s “follow me I’m hurt” display in the potatoes.  We marked off her nest and left it alone until the chicks fledged.

For now, we’re thankful for some of the best pasture ever and some very happy cattle.  The laying hens are obviously pleased since we’re getting lots of eggs (come and get ’em, $3.50 doz.)  We’re barely able to stay ahead of the weeds in the potatoes and onions – like “dancing between the raindrops” – but they look great.

And the garlic is as good as it’s ever been.

We’re doing a garlic tour on July 9th starting here at 10:30 a.m., and the afternoon will be up the road at Plum Creek Garlic.  It’s free, but please register and get more info here:

Happy Solstice!

About Living Song Farm

4th generation farm near Howard Lake, MN
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