Emily Rose and Jerry building the new cattle shed.

Cattle Pasture Tall Grass 2018

Salsa Making Time 2014

Salsa Making Time 2014

Orono Farm-to-School

Serving Potato Samples at Orono Elementary

Chicken Butts

Salatin and Me

Joel Salatin and Jerry Ford





Garlic Guy Cropped
Some of the Garlic Planting Crew 2012: Emily Rose, Sienna, Amy, Lauren
Wild white American ginseng growing in our woods. We’re working to restore this once abundant native plant.

Jerry cutting garlic scapes

A Bit of Manly Fun

Willard Kreitlow, posing at the entrance to a county park named in his honor.

The Goldstar Flock in their winter coop

WCCO-TV shoot with Mary Jane Miller demonstrating garlic dishes in our dining room

Emily Rose and Oberon

Oberon and Intern Sienna

Feeding hay

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