POTATOES    Organic Logo Certified Organic.
Bag sizes: 4- pound, 8-pound, 20-pound, 40-pound
Available September, 2016

Farm pick-up only – sorry, we can’t ship potatoes.

MondakA new variety from University of Minnesota plant breeders.  Great for making fries, baking and mashing, MonDak has a uniform shape, smooth skin and light yellow flesh.
$1.25 per pound
40# plus = $1.00 per pound

Purple Majesty  PurpleMajesty
Dark purple skin, satiny blue/purple flesh; high antioxidant and delicious.
Click here for an article on the health benefits of purple potatoes!
$1.25 per pound
40# plus = $1.00 per pound

Mountain Rose    — SOLD OUTMountain Rose
Red skin and rosy flesh; also high anti-oxident, great flavor and fluffy texture.
$1.25 per pound
40# plus = $1.00 per pound



GARLIC Organic Logo    We grow Certified Organic Porcelain garlics.

All our available garlic has been sold. Thanks!

—– Armenian  ——   SOLD OUT
Our finest “Private Reserve” garlic, Armenian has 4 – 7 big cloves and rich flavor.  It is an extremely hardy cultivar in northern climates, and consistently our best producer.
$14 per pound       

—— Music ——   SOLD OUT
With a flavor described as “perky with a smooth finish”, this hardy Canadian garlic has big, beautiful cloves and is a favorite in the upper Midwest.
$12 per pound

—— German Porcelain ——Best in Show Garlic
Also known as German Extra Hardy (and several other names), this garlic won “Best in Show” at the 2015 Minnesota Garlic Festival.
$12 per pound

Available in attractive “storage rope” packages that hang in your kitchen for optimum storage.

All of our Certified Organic garlic is disease inspected  for bloat nematode, and carefully cured for maximum storage and flavor retention

CONTACT:    763-244-6659

Organic Logo Bag sizes: 8-pound, 20-pound, 40-pound

SOLD OUT for 2016

Farm pick-up only – sorry, we can’t ship onions.
Please try to give us a couple of days notice so we can have your order ready.

Red Zeppelin

Red Onions
Tangy start, sweet finish, very sweet when cooked. Bright red skin with white flesh, best storage onions.
$1.25 per pound
40# plus = $1.10 per pound

Yellow Onions  Onions
Sweetest onions out there.  Yellow skins, creamy flesh; great for storage.
$1.25 per pound
40# plus = $1.10 per pound

eggs$3.50 per dozen
Pick them up at the farm – pleas call in advance 763-244-6659

These eggs make me happy!” – Joanne, St. Cloud


Please see our Beef page!

Please call or email for availability:    763-244-6659


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  2. Lynette Gagnelius says:

    Love the Armenian garlic. Do you sell it in the Buffalo area??

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