Twine Ball Contest

Twine Ball MuseumDownloadable TWINE BALL Contest 2016 Entry form.

Rules and Entry Form

Contest participants are encouraged to send creative, unusual or attractive twine balls that they have created to be displayed during Twine Ball Days alongside the biggest ball of twine made by one man.


  • Entries may be of any size, but the entrant must pay shipping.
  • Entries must be roughly spherical in shape.
  • Any type of string, twine, cord or rope may be used, but metal materials are prohibited.
  • Tasteful and family-friendly decoration may be added to the twine ball as long as 90% of the material used to make up the twine ball itself is, well, twine.

All entries must be received by August 1st.

Send to:

PO Box 1Darwin, MN 55324

Entrant’s Information:

Name:                                         Address:                                                                   .

Name of your twine ball (if any):                                                                              .

Therapist:                                                .

Disclaimer and Indemnity: No one from Twine Ball Days approved this contest. But they should have, right? So, send in those twine balls anyway, and maybe they’ll give you a fabulous prize.

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