July Farm Tour

We’re honored to have a tour at our at our farm sponsored by University of Minnesota Extension, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Grazing Lands Conservation Association and Sustainable Farming Association.
July 9th, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Part of this year’s Festival of Farms

Pasture Field Day

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Three Honors

In the past month or so, our farm has had three great things happen: SWCD logg1) We were selected as the Wright County Outstanding Conservationists by the Soil & Water Conservation District.  Mariénne’s dad, Willard, won this same award 30 years ago, and he’s quite please that it’s come around again.  We get to go to the statewide conservation conference in December for a formal ceremony. Organic Certificate2) We’re Organic!  We finally completed all the work and received our organic certification, and we couldn’t be more pleased. 3) Jerry did an interview with the MN Farm Network that seems to be getting some MN Farm Networkairplay (people keep saying they’ve heard it).  There’s a 1-minute version out there, but you can listen to the whole thing here.

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Garlic Planting is October 18th

I’ve often said, “We’d rather have friends than equipment”, so we still do a lot of Garlic Planting Possethings by hand here, and one of our favorite times getting together with folks for garlic planting.  As always, it’s good company, good work and good food; we’re willing to pay you in cash, produce or undying gratitude as well.

Saturday, October 18th
Sunday, October 19th
Lunch at Noon

We start at 9:00 a.m. each day, but will welcome the help whenever you can come.  Please call or email to let us know (especially so Mariénne can plan lunch!)

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Join Us for Potato Harvest!

Potato BowlWe love having friends on the farm, sharing some work and a great meal — and then they get to take home some of what they harvested!

Potato Harvest will be Saturday, September 27th, starting at 9 a.m.  We’d be honored to have you join us, and you can show up at any time, but lunch is at noon.  See the “Produce” page for the varieties we’re growing this year, and you can get our contact info on the “About” page.

See you there!


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Garlic Festival is August 9th!

Hanging Garlic for Curing

Hanging Garlic for Curing

We harvested garlic on July 19 and 20 with a great crew of friends, and the bulbs look really good.  We’re not quite up to our “Pre-Aster Yellows” numbers yet, so we’re saving even more of our crop for seed stock.  If you want first shot at this lovely garlic, please come to the Garlic Festival!  I’ll have the very best of it there.

Hope to see you at the festival!

Flash:  to see what’s available now, go to the Produce page.

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Farm Tour July 12th

We are honored to a part of the statewide Festival of Farms this coming Saturday with Festival of Farms logo lowtwo tours on our farm. The Crow River Chapter of Sustainable Farming Association is also sponsoring two other locations, in Hutchinson, the same day.

The two tours at our farm each have a different emphasis:

10 a.m.

This tour will be a general overview of the farm for the public and interested farmers, and will feature such things as:

  • Gourmet Garlic, and other root vegetables
  • Rotational Grazing for cattle and pastured chickens
  • The ongoing Conservation Work that started with Mariénne’s father in the 1940s

1 p.m.

This tour is offered as a cooperative venture of Keep Cattle In Minnesota, the Minnesota Dairy Initiative, the Pasture Project, the Natural Resources Conservation Service and Sustainable Farming Association, and is intended for farmers, ag educators and members of the public who are interested in conservation, soil health and creative ways to run cattle on smaller acreage. Features:

  • In-depth looks at a rotational grazing system
  • Smaller acreage cover crops
  • Raising replacement heifers and direct marketed beef
  • Soil & water conservation practices and programs
  • These Crow River tours are sponsored in part by Farm Beginnings, a farmer-led, community based training and support program from The Land Stewardship Project aimed at getting more farmers on the land farming sustainably.

So, come on out and take a look around!

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Summer Coming On

Everything we’d normally have planted much earlier is finally in the ground and coming up.  Donald Fagan’s song, “Walk Between the Raindrops” kept playing in my head, but the lyrics ran something like, “We plant between the raindrops ’til we get done”.

Penuche Bottle FeedingWe have 40 head of cattle – plus the two new “Texas Pinzgauer Highland” calves, Orbit and Penuche – in two herds on the pasture, which, with the excess moisture and organic amendments, is as lush as I’ve ever seen it.  Penuche was sickly at first, but is slowly recovering.  That’s him in the picture with his “other moms” (Mariénne took the picture, but she has given him most of the TLC.)

One tragic event for us this spring:  something killed about 3/4 of our pastured laying hens in broad daylight, all in a span of less than 3 hours.  I’ll spare the gory details – actually, there aren’t many since we’ve yet to find the bodies – but suffice to say that we have moved the survivors back to the Dogs & Rakehomestead.  Thanks to the goodness of Becky Bravinder (Dan & Becky’s Market), who is selling us hens and pullets, we hope to be back in the egg business again soon.  But they won’t be “pastured” eggs this summer:  we can’t take the risk of putting them back out there until the “nonpaying customers” go away.  The hens – and new rooster, King Richard – will be still outdoors all day, in a very nice run, and guarded by fences and our dogs.

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