Working with Minnesota Premium Garlic Project

New Garlic Project LogoIn my continuing effort to never have any free time, I am co-directing the Minnesota Premium Garlic Project as part of my work with Sustainable Farming Association.  The mission is to enhance garlic growing and markets in our state, helping farmers, communities and customers.  We’re creating and promoting the “Minnesota Premium Garlic” brand (after all, it is some of the best you can get!), offering a series of workshops and field days, doing some research on cultivation practices, and conducting consultations with new and existing growers.

I can’t say enough good things about my co-director on this project, Garlic Beauty Shot low rezConnie Carlson – she is focusing on the marketing and financial side.  You may know her from her work with Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships and MN Garlic Festival.

Please check out the website:

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Garlic Planting Help Wanted

October means Garlic Planting at Living Song Farm, and we love having guest help out! Garlic Field Prep

Revised schedule
We’ll start on
Friday, 10/20/17*
and go for as many days as needed until we’re done.

So, pick a day and time and let me know.
We are happy to pay you with money, organic potatoes, all the advice you can stand about growing garlic, or undying gratitude.  And, of course, a great lunch is provided.

Call me (Jerry Ford) at 763-244-6659, or email

Looking forward to it!

*Lord willing and the creek don’t rise.  Literally, since we’re planting 50′ from the creek.

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FullSizeRender-10When the root cellar is in its late summer splendor, that must mean it’s potato pickin’ time in Middleville Township!  We have our organic Purple Majesty and MonDak Gold spuds ready – take a look here to get yours. And there’s just a few pounds of garlic available for our friends.
Hope to see you soon!

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Garlic Harvest Help Wanted

July 15 & 16, 2017

If you’d like to learn how we do garlic harvest and curing, or if you’d just like to help out, we’re planning on Saturday and Sunday, 7/15&16, for the harvest.  We’re happy to Old Garlic Harvestreward you with money, garlic and/or undying gratitude.  Call me (Jerry) at 763-244-6659, or email

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Time to Order Beef

FreemartinsWe will have our beef, which is hormone-free and grass-finished on certified organic pasture, available in the Fall of 2017.

Please go to our Beef Page for more info

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Wrapping Up the Season


Garlic mulching with Emilyrose

We finally mulched the garlic on November 21st, which is quite late;  but we were blessed with an incredible Indian Summer, so all is well.  Beef has been sold, almost all the potatoes are out the door, and the chickens have come home to their winter residence.

It was the longest grazing season in memory, with good grass right up to the beginning of November.  Very happy cattle!


Orbit, Timely & Spangle

Now we’re cutting wood for the woodstove and settling in as the days get so very short (this Southern boy is still getting used to that).  It’s been a beautiful autumn, and I’m actually looking forward to winter – but ask me again in February.

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Garlic Planting Party Weekend!

Join us on garlic-planting-weekend-2016
Saturday, October 22nd
Sunday, October 23rd

We’ll provide a sumptuous repast and some end-of-the-day libations. We need help getting all that garlic in the ground, and we’re willing to pay you, trade produce (great potatoes!) or rain down our undying gratitude upon you.

We’ll start at 9 a.m. and go until twilight on both days to get those stinkers planted.

Call, email  – but let us know so that we can plan the festivities.

Looking forward to seeing you!    – Jerry

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