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2013 Garlic Guy


Please peruse the links above to learn more about our farm, whether you’re interested in conservation practices, certified organic, garlic, rotational grazing, pasture-based beef, eggs or maybe even the poetry.Cattle Pasture Tall Grass 2018

We have beef available for Fall 2019 in quarters, halves and wholes.  Please visit our BEEF page.

Below are some posts from times past – enjoy.  Enjoy!

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Help with Garlic Harvest!

We will start harvesting and curing garlic soon, and we would appreciate your help, if you are so inclined.

Garlic Guy CroppedWe will start in earnest on Saturday, July 20th*, and will work every day until it’s done.  Weekdays, weekends, early morning, evening — it’s all the same to us, so pick your time.

We will compensate you with your choice of money, garlic and/or eternal gratitude, or any combination of those.

* We hope we can start on 7/20/19.  The weather has been so odd this year that we’re not quite sure when the bulbs will mature.  We might start a day or two before that, or it could be a few days later.  I’ll keep posting updates here.  Thanks for understanding! 

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It’s Garlic Planting Time!

Garlic Planting 2018

We intend to start planting garlic from October 18 – 24 (we’ll see what Mother Nature has to say about that), and we could use help any time on those days.  If you’d like to join us, let me know when you’re available, and we’ll plan around it.
We’re hoping to do a big day of it on Saturday, 10/20/18, with a festive lunch provided.  Help is greatly appreciated any of those surrounding days as well.
As always, we are happy to pay in money, potatoes, eggs, camaraderie and/or undying gratitude.
Looking forward to hearing from you!
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Garlic Harvest Help Wanted

We plan to start harvesting garlic over the weekend of July 21 & 22, starting at 9 a.m. on2013 Garlic Guy Saturday, and 1 p.m. on Sunday.  We welcome help for any or all of that time.  No experience required.

We’re happy to pay you in money, produce and/or undying gratitude.  There will be lunch on Saturday and low tea on Sunday.

We’ll also do a prep day on Friday, July 20th, in which we’ll get the curing shed ready, prepare the supplies, and maybe even open up the field.  Help is welcome for that, too.

Can’t do the weekend?  I strongly suspect that we’ll still be going on Monday, July 23, and possibly on through the week.  Contact me if you’d like to help then.

We always look forward to the camaraderie of this time, and hope to see you there.

Contact Jerry at 763-244-6659, jerrywiltonford@gmail.com

Old Garlic Harvest

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Paying the Farm Forward

I’m a bit ambivalent about broadcasting our plans for passing our farm on to our “heirs”, in part because it’s something of a private matter, but also because of life’s inherent mutability:  we can make detailed plans, put things in order as best we can, and life will bring the unexpected twist, the unforeseen tragedy, or the serendipitous windfall.

willard spring 2012And yet we feel strongly that the land is only on loan to us, and that we must do what we Jerry and Mariennecan to insure that the conservation and sustainability practices Marienne’s father, Willard and Dorothy, implemented starting in the 1940’s, and the improvements that we have made, continue.  It’s a matter of trust and common good.

The way we like to think of it is that God has given us the loan of this land, but it’s an odd kind of loan:  we’re not supposed to pay it back, but rather to pay it forward, to pass it on to the next caretakers in even better shape that we found it.  And we’re supposed to pay dividends to the community in the form of good food, a beautiful landscape, sequestered carbon, and clean water.

Kiri Amos SethWhat do we get out of all this?  We get to live here.  To experience this intense adventure.  To have our eyes and hearts filled with the beauty of creation every day.

So, here is an article about that transition from Willard to Marienne and me, and on to the next generation.

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Working with Minnesota Premium Garlic Project

New Garlic Project LogoIn my continuing effort to never have any free time, I am co-directing the Minnesota Premium Garlic Project as part of my work with Sustainable Farming Association.  The mission is to enhance garlic growing and markets in our state, helping farmers, communities and customers.  We’re creating and promoting the “Minnesota Premium Garlic” brand (after all, it is some of the best you can get!), offering a series of workshops and field days, doing some research on cultivation practices, and conducting consultations with new and existing growers.

I can’t say enough good things about my co-director on this project, Garlic Beauty Shot low rezConnie Carlson – she is focusing on the marketing and financial side.  You may know her from her work with Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships and MN Garlic Festival.

Please check out the website:

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Garlic Planting Help Wanted

October means Garlic Planting at Living Song Farm, and we love having guest help out! Garlic Field Prep

Revised schedule
We’ll start on
Friday, 10/20/17*
and go for as many days as needed until we’re done.

So, pick a day and time and let me know.
We are happy to pay you with money, organic potatoes, all the advice you can stand about growing garlic, or undying gratitude.  And, of course, a great lunch is provided.

Call me (Jerry Ford) at 763-244-6659, or email jerrywiltonford@gmail.com.

Looking forward to it!

*Lord willing and the creek don’t rise.  Literally, since we’re planting 50′ from the creek.

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