Jerry Ford

7616 – 25th St. SW
Howard Lake, MN 55349

Living Song Farm is Jerry Ford and Mariénne Kreitlow working on land that has been in the Kreitlow family since 1898.  The operate 113 of the family’s 288 acres, with 42 Certified Organic acres where they are:

– managing rotational grazing for cattle;
– raising laying hens for eggs;
– growing organic garlic and potatoes for market;
– managing conservation practices including wildlife enhancements, native plant propagation, and soil and water conservation;

Kelsey and Oberon Planting Trees

We also work closely with our partner dairy farm to operate and manage the rest of the family land, which provides feed for the dairy herd, and also has conservation practices in place.

Here‘s an article about our plans for transferring this farm from one generation to another, with the hopes that we can keep the

Monarchs on Milkweed

Monarch Caterpillars on Milkweed in our Pasture.

land in the conservation and sustainability practices that were first implemented here in the 1940’s.

Jerry is the director of Minnesota Garlic Festival (www.mngarlicfest.com), and Events Coordinator for Sustainable Farming Association of MN (www.sfa-mn.org).

MN Legislature Resolution Farm Famil of the YearMN Water Quality


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