FullSizeRender-2We are sold out of beef for 2019.  If you would like to get on our email list to be notified about when we will start taking reservation for the next round, please contact:
Jerry Ford at


“Made a delicious stew this week using Living Song beef.  It was terrific – both tender and flavorful.” Chris, St. Cloud

“Great steaks!” John, Howard Lake

These are grass-based, hormone-free, antibiotic-free,  corn-free cattle who graze all summer on our certified organic  pastures.

See our page on Making the Perfect Beef Roast!

Your quarter beef will be a “split half”, which mean that you’re buying a quarter of the animal, but not specifically a front or back. So you get all the cuts (if you just got, say, the left rear quarter, you wouldn’t get any brisket).

We raise a variety of breeds and sizes of cattle, so they generally finish out smaller than the typical corn-fed beef  – anywhere from 110 – 160 pounds hanging weight per quarter (your take-home weight is less unless you want all the bones) – which means it will take up less room in your freezer:  about 3 cubic feet.
However, we have some larger animals available for October that should be closer to 170 pound hanging weight.

“A totally positive experience” Marge, Annandale

In general, when you purchase beef by the quarter, you’re getting it at a wholesale discount.  Our price is $3.25 pound, based on the “hanging weight”. This is the weight of the quarter after the animal has been butchered, but before it has been divided into individual cuts. Your quarter will be cut to your specifications, working directly with White Front Meats in Cokato (see instructions below), and you will pay them separately for the processing.

Cattle Pasture Tall Grass 2018

So, a sample price scenario would be 150 pound quarter x $3.25 = $487.50, plus approximately $130-$160 processing, depending on the cuts you want*.

To reserve your beef, contact me at, 763-244-6659, and then send in the deposit (see below).

“My family feels so good about buying Living Song Farm products. Jerry, Marienne and Willard produce nutritious, delicious food while making a positive impact on the land and treating their animals humanely. Their beef has amazing flavor, and the garlic and potatoes are second to none. And knowing that the farmers are such quality people is truly icing on the cake.”
Jason, Minneapolis


Harriet enjoying Pulled Beef Roast

If you haven’t purchased beef this way before, don’t let the fact that this process is a little complicated deter you; the benefits far outweigh the learning curve.
Why is it complicated?  First off, we have to do certain things to comply with regulations.  Secondly, the butcher is going to customize your quarter specifically to your tastes.

The basic concept is that under specific USDA rules, you can:
– buy a share of the animal from the farmer (me);
– in effect, as part of the sale price, the farmer keeps your animal for you until slaughter, and makes the arrangements for slaughter;
– you pick up your share of your animal from the butcher (not from the farmer), whom you pay for customizing your beef in the way that you want it.

1) Call  or email first to check availability: 763-244-6659,  Then make your reservation by sending:
– a deposit check for $100
– your email and phone #
Living Song Farm
7616 – 25th St. SW
Howard Lake, MN 55349
2) Wait until  your animal matures and stocks up on all that grass goodness.  You may come and visit them if you like.
3) After the animals are slaughtered – which is done right here on the farm so there’s no scary truck ride for them – I’ll contact you with final pricing and let you know when to call the butcher.
4) I’ll give you the information on the butcher well before slaughter, and they will guide you through customizing you order.  They’ll help you decide how much roast you want, the thickness of your steaks, how much hamburger, and so on.  Allow 20 minutes for this conversation with Debbie at White Front.
5) The butcher will let you know when your meat will be ready. You will need to pick it up within a couple of days and pay the butcher then.
6)  Bring large containers or coolers, and warm gloves.
7) I will contact you with the final cost of the animal itself, less your deposit.  You will send me a check for that amount, made out to Living Song Farm.
8) Take your meat home and get it in the freezer promptly.
9) Invite Jerry and Mariénne over for a cook-out.

We appreciate you!

Jerry Ford, Living Song Farm, 763-244-6659,

Cattle on Pasture

*Here’s White Front Meat Locker’s fees:
$28.00 slaughter fee
$.55 processing per pound of the quarter weight 
$.25 per pound for ground beef (hamburger)
Example:  If you quarter is, for example 150 pounds: your check to our farm would be 150# x $3.25 = $487.50.  
Then, et’s say you get half of it as ground beef.  Your check to White Front would be: $28.00 + (150# x $.55 = $82.50) + (75# x $.25 = $18.75) = $129.25.  

Total cost to you:  $616.75

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